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 Xbox Slim Case Scratched :|

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PostSubject: Xbox Slim Case Scratched :|   Wed 04 Aug 2010, 8:44 am

Hi I am wondering if anyone can give any advice... I have only had the new Xbox 360 250gb S for a few weeks...

I was warned that the case because it is glossy is prone to scratches if you are not careful...

I took my console over a friends in a bag and it became very scratched during the trip

I was devastated I wish I wrapped the thing in a towel to be safe... To say I was pi$$ed off at the time is an understatement But I am only to blame... I want the scratches gone...

Any advice how to remove them so my console looks nice and shiny again... This my sound really stupid but I have been looking online and you can use T-Cut on plastic which people use on cars to remove stratches... I am worried though that if I attempt this I might shoot myself in the foot and make the console look even worse...

Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks
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PostSubject: Re: Xbox Slim Case Scratched :|   Wed 04 Aug 2010, 9:09 am

Car polish should work but, something less abrasive like carnauba wax with cleaners. No rubbing compound.
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PostSubject: Re: Xbox Slim Case Scratched :|   Wed 04 Aug 2010, 9:18 am

Might sound silly but try some Cut 'n' Polish.

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PostSubject: Re: Xbox Slim Case Scratched :|   

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Xbox Slim Case Scratched :|
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