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 Zack Snyder to Direct Superman

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PostSubject: Zack Snyder to Direct Superman    Mon 11 Oct 2010, 9:53 am

Quote :

The man who brought us 300 and Watchmen will bring Superman back to the big screen. Deadline is reporting that Zack Snyder has scored the coveted directing gig on the reboot of the Man of Steel story.

Snyder's name has surfaced recently on a short list of potential directors, which also included Tony Scott, Jonathan Liebesman, Duncan Jones and Darren Aronofsky. But Snyder ultimately winning out is not too surprising, given his ongoing relationship with Warner Bros., which includes the upcoming Sucker Punch. With 300 and Watchmen, he's already tackled two big budget, comic book derived stories for the studio, who are now handing him what is, arguably, the world's most recognizable super hero.

Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas are producing and overseeing Superman, so presumably they also played a role in picking Snyder for this extremely high profile project.

Update: In their story on Snyder being hired as the Superman director, Hollywood Reporter also mention they've heard a rumor that the villain in David Goyer's script for the new movie is General Zod, so memorably portrayed by Terence Stamp in the original Superman films.

I think this might become a good Superman movie as long as Zod is not the villain. I say put in Darkseid. With Snyder and Nolan it could work.

Source: http://movies.ign.com/articles/112/1125368p1.html
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PostSubject: Re: Zack Snyder to Direct Superman    Mon 11 Oct 2010, 10:53 am

I'm looking forward to this. I think Christopher Nolan is a genius and now with Zack Snyder directing, we can at least look forward to some awesome Superman fight scenes which I feel like the last one was lacking in.

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PostSubject: Re: Zack Snyder to Direct Superman    Mon 11 Oct 2010, 8:21 pm

We were talking about this earlier, and it was like man. 2 talented people doing this movie so they should do it right.

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PostSubject: Re: Zack Snyder to Direct Superman    

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Zack Snyder to Direct Superman
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