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 Henchmen Cast - Episode 19 AssBro Edition

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PostSubject: Henchmen Cast - Episode 19 AssBro Edition   Sat 20 Nov 2010, 1:48 pm

Hey guys, Episode 19 is finally up! I had some late night birthday festivities so I'm a little late posting this, but I hope you can forgive me. Anyways, check it out, hit the download lick on the site or in iTunes and get ready for some Henchmen love. All of the guys made it out in some way or another, so it's a pretty full podcast this week. Also, Oreo ripped the microphone off the table at around 18 minutes creating one of the most horrific sounds I've ever captured, so if it sounds like a demon just attacked the podcast set, Paranormal Activity style don't be alarmed. Hope you guys enjoy this episode and as always thanks to everyone who posted news and submitted viewer questions and thanks for listening!

Link To Webpage - http://www.videogamehenchmen.com/2010/11/henchmen-cast-episode-19.html

Video Game Henchmen
Henchmen Cast: Episode 19
Henchmen Cast- Episode 19.mp3
MP3 Audio File
65 MB
[Download Here]

- Jacob
Broadcast Manager
Video Game Henchmen

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Henchmen Cast - Episode 19 AssBro Edition
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