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 Henchmen Cast - Episode 27 is Live! Altman be Praised

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PostSubject: Henchmen Cast - Episode 27 is Live! Altman be Praised   Sat 05 Feb 2011, 3:44 am

Hey guys, this week's episode is finally available, and I personally think it's a pretty darn good episode, if I do say so myself. Anyways, this week we talk about some Dead Space 2 and Killzone 3 Open Beta as well as the new Black Ops First Strike map pack. We also go through the usual, news and questions, big thanks to everyone who posted questions by the way. Finally, we unveil the first ever VGH secret sound, give it your best shot, we're not sure what the prize will be, but we figured it'd be fun little segment for our viewers to participate in! Thanks for listening and be on the look out for a return to the chatbox next week, not sure when, but keep checking the Twitter to keep updated.

Link to Webpage - http://www.videogamehenchmen.com/2011/02/henchmen-cast-episode-27.html

Video Game Henchmen
Henchmen Cast: Episode 27
Henchmen Cast- Episode 27.mp3
MP3 Audio File
60 MB
[Download Here]

- Jacob
Broadcast Manager
Video Game Henchmen

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Henchmen Cast - Episode 27 is Live! Altman be Praised
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