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 VGH Secret Sound #3 - Week of 3/13/11

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VGH Secret Sound #3 - Week of 3/13/11 Empty
PostSubject: VGH Secret Sound #3 - Week of 3/13/11   VGH Secret Sound #3 - Week of 3/13/11 EmptySat 12 Mar 2011, 2:17 am

Alright everyone, here's how this works. Go download the latest episode of Henchmen Cast and listen to the secret sound at the end of the show, then make your best guess on what that sound might be and post it below. Rules are pretty simple, one guess per member and no changing guesses. We'll take a look at the replies on the next podcast and announce the winner, if there is a winner. We're still not completely sure what the prize is going to be, but once we get things more organized I'll update this post with more details. Good luck and put those ears to the test!

- Jacob
Broadcast Manager
Video Game Henchmen

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VGH Secret Sound #3 - Week of 3/13/11
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