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 Problem with the Turtle Beach X31

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PostSubject: Problem with the Turtle Beach X31   Tue 03 Aug 2010, 6:19 pm

Hi. I just bought the Turtle Beach EarForce x31 headset. However it produces a very annoying and noticeable background hiss. I can notice it when there is no sound playing, and even during moments of near silence while listening to music. I think I should point out that when the headset is ON, while the transmitter is unplugged, there is no hiss. There's hiss when the headset is on when the transmitter is plugged in. This annoying background hiss has bugged me enough for me to return it at Walmart (I bought this from Walmart.com), and just order a new pair. Now do you guys think there is a chance that my headset is malfunctioning in a way, producing a louder hiss than it should? 'Cause I know it's normal for this headset to produce a very light background hiss that is not noticeable when there is any sound playing. If so, do you guys recommend having it exchanged? Thank you very much in advance!
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PostSubject: Re: Problem with the Turtle Beach X31   Tue 03 Aug 2010, 11:06 pm

The hiss is probably when you plug into your controller, it comes from the voice chat channel. It's in all Turtle Beach's and sucks because they don't use a noise gate. They are idiots.

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PostSubject: Re: Problem with the Turtle Beach X31   Tue 03 Aug 2010, 11:43 pm

You might be confusing "hiss" with like a simple background "white noise". You will always hear white noise in a speaker when an amplifier is turned on--and since a headset has the speakers right up against your ears, you might be confusing this with "hiss". If you've got really sensitive ears, then I can especially see this scenario. However, it might just be normal because I've heard amplifier activation (i.e. white noise) in a few different manufacturers' headsets--not just Turtle Beach.

If you hear the same sound in the replacement headset that you're getting, a couple things you might want to try are using new batteries that are a different brand. Also, there's a chance that your electricity may have some sort of a ground loop that's causing a hiss. (If the "hiss" is literally loud enough to be heard over game sounds, that is). The best thing to do is try hooking up the headset on another source that is completely separate from your gaming setup. Trying it out in a friend's house would be even better just to be sure. Oh and, use a different USB port too so you can see if the USB power is clean. The best way to do this is connect the transmitter's power to a laptop that's running on an internal battery.
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PostSubject: Re: Problem with the Turtle Beach X31   

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Problem with the Turtle Beach X31
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