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 How To: Spoiler BBC Code

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How To: Spoiler BBC Code  Empty
PostSubject: How To: Spoiler BBC Code    How To: Spoiler BBC Code  EmptyTue 02 Nov 2010, 10:33 pm

Seeing these forums will revolve around a certain game or game series, it's inevitable to run into spoilers.

Please respect that people may not want to know these spoilers. If you do want to discuss a spoiler from the game, please use the spoiler BB-code.
Also please do not put spoilers inside the topic title!

How to use

If you wish to discuss a spoiler, use the following code:
HTML Code:

[spoiler]place your spoiler content here[/spoiler]

For example:
HTML Code:

[spoiler]I am behind you! Watching you read/type![/spoiler]

Which results in:
( Click to show/hide )

Report non-bb-code spoilers

If you may encounter a post containing a spoiler and it does NOT use the spoiler BB-code, please feel free to report this post.

Thank you for your cooperation!
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How To: Spoiler BBC Code
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